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Celebrate St Patrick's Day with Nisbets catering equipment

All things Irish will be celebrated worldwide on Monday 17 March, marking the annual event that is St Patrick’s Day.

Since the 18th century, the patron saint of Ireland has been remembered for driving the pagan practices away from the island – this involved driving snakes away.

With that said, did you know that the intended meaning of St. Patrick's Day is that it is the traditional day for spiritual renewal and offers prayers for missionaries worldwide?

A familiar site for St Patrick’s Day in Sydney is the street parade, family picnics, green clothing, Irish dancing, music and pints of Guinness.

But all this needs to be catered for. Supplying the bar essentials are Nisbets catering equipment who can help to get St Paddy’s Day into full swing.

Shaking things up are the Monin Syrups which are made using only natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar. These syrups will add sophistication and variety to cocktails and beverages ‘to be sure’ making them a perfect addition to bars and cafes. Included in the flavour range are vanilla and Irish Cream – a great start to any day or mixed up with an evening brew.

Cork extractors and bottle openers can be a useful accessory for waiters and bartenders in restaurants, clubs and pubs. Whether you are behind the bar or working the floor, a cork screw doesn’t need to be far away. And this is the same for bottle openers too. Nisbets have three bottle openers on offer which are available in a Chrome finish or stainless steel.

And ensuring the celebrations are in good measure are the spirit dispensers and measures. These are the solutions for spirits which ensures the correct levels of alcohol are poured in bars and restaurants alike. The Acrylic Jigger and a range of pourers will minimise any wastage as and when the punters put in their orders.

So the drinks have been ordered, but the bottled drinks need to be kept cool as they are casually consumed with friends and family. The bottle chillers are available in a range of contemporary styles. This includes chrome edge bottle chillers, angled wine coolers and a double bottle cooler – which is ideal for large groups where the bottle chiller will be displayed front of house.

For more products to celebrate with, why not check out the website.

By Penny Ford

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