Celebrate Labour Day With Nisbets

It’s the first Monday of October coming up and we all know what that means... Labour Day!

For over a century, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia have enjoyed this public holiday, which remembers the Australians who worked 12 hour days, six days a week during the mid to late 1800's.

Here at Nisbets Express Catering Equipment, we’ve got the supplies to make your Labour Day one to remember and celebrate.

Enjoy the great outdoors

With rising temperatures outdoors, a UV-resistant parasol will provide your customers shade and protection from the scorching sun. Ideal for use at the pool side, patios or in the garden, this fabric parasol from Bolero is easy to open and close, thanks to the pulley system, and has a heavy base to prevent it from toppling over (sold separately). Available in cream or navy blue and at various heights, you’ll be able to find a parasol which is right for your catering establishment.

Keep cool
A necessity for many bars and restaurants during the summer months would be an efficient and reliable ice machine. Counter top or under the counter, Polar have all bases covered with their ice makers. The counter top ice maker requires a manual fill whereby you simply lift the lid, fill up the water reservoir and low and behold, 15kg of fresh ice fills the internal basket. Our full range of ice makers and ice crushers can be viewed on the website.

And when it comes to keeping your foods cool and fresh, refrigeration is key. Whatever your restaurant or bar serves, Polar, Williams and True have got it all covered. The counter fridges and prep stations are a great example of volume and workspace which are ideal for the utilising floor space over the weekend to cater for the public holiday-makers.

Control the pests
The warmer weather can attract some unwelcome visitors too. Flies and other insects are a carrier and transmitter of many diseases (some serious) so it is important to implement a level of pest control. Birko and Eazyzap are firm favourites with our customers which can zap the insects from up to a 160 metre square range.

The Birko Glueboard Insect Killer covers a range of up to 160 metres square and could be an insect killer which sticks around long after the summer months too. These glueboards can be used on tables, work surfaces and are also wall mountable. The glueboard incorporates UV stable dry glue which has a longer life and increased level of catch.

And then there is the Eazyzap Commercial Fly Killer which covers up to 100 square meters from a free-standing or ceiling mounted position. The two UV tubes will simply ‘zap’ the flies which can be disposed of by easily removing the catchment tray.

To make the most of the October Labour Day, we are offering you $10 off when you spend $50 or more! Simply enter the voucher code: LABOUR10 at the basket page. HURRY, OFFER ENDS SOON*

By Penny Ford

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