Top 10 Places to Eat in Australia

Recently, Yelp released a list of its top 100 Australian restaurants for 2016 as reviewed by their users. With such a variety of delicious menus and cooking styles to choose from, we thought we’d take a quick look at those that made it into the top ten. There may even be a hidden gem just around the corner!

10. The Old Crow, Perth, WA

The first of three from the capital of WA, The Old Crow is a Cajun and Creole restaurant that serves up a mouth-watering menu seven nights a week as well as breakfast and brunch at the weekends. The soul food of the American Deep South doesn’t disappoint and lends itself to sharing with a group. The breakfast and brunch menu has only recently made its way back to The Old Crow, so pop along at the weekend when you might just get some great live music to accompany your food. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

9. The Hardware Société, Melbourne, VIC

There’s not too many places in Melbourne that people will happily queue up for over an hour to get in, but this is one of them. The Hardware Société is one of the finest places to go in Melbourne for breakfast or brunch. You know a place is good when its popularity has grown predominantly through word of mouth and The Hardware Société is a prime example of this. Hidden away off Lonsdale Street, this place serves up breakfast fit for royalty.

8. The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria, NSW

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The Grounds of Alexandria is so much more than a place to eat. It is a coffee roastery, a café and a sustainable garden of all things edible, including vegetables, fragrant herbs and fresh fruit. To top things off there’s a small animal farm and an artisan bakery. The Grounds of Alexandria is less about making meals as it is about making memories.

7. Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle, WA

It says something about how good the beer is if Little Creatures Brewery is ranking 7th in the top places to eat in Australia. Grab a pizza and sit down with a pint of Little Creatures’ trusty pale ale after a busy day enjoying everything Freo has to offer to find out why this great little brewery is flying so high.

6. Tuck Shop, Perth, WA

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We stay in WA for number 6 in our countdown and discover the Tuck Shop Café on Newcastle Street in the centre of Perth. To call this place a tuck shop is one hell of an understatement. Whether you’re after breakfast or an afternoon lunch, the food tastes as good as it looks.

5. Mamak, Haymarket, NSW

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Number 5 in Yelp’s top 100 places to eat is Mamak in Haymarket, Sydney. Anyone who’s ever been to Kuala Lumpur will have come across the mamak food stalls after which this restaurant is named. Just a little bit outside of Chinatown on Goulburn St, you can find this hugely popular Malaysian restaurant quite easily—just look for the queues outside.

4.  Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills, NSW

You know a bakery must be good if it’s managed to rank 4th in the top 100 places to eat in Australia. The original Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills churns out some irresistible pastries, breads and pies. The chain now has 9 other locations across the wider Sydney area, proving how much of a success story the bakery has become.

3. Toastface Grillah, Perth, WA

Hidden away down the easily missed Grand Lane off Barrack Street and Wellington Street in central Perth you’ll find Toastface Grillah. Even if you walked past this lane every working day, you could be forgiven for not knowing it existed. All you can expect from Toastface Grillah, unsurprisingly, is some of the best toasted sandwiches you’ve ever experienced washed down with a fresh coffee. Sometimes, you can’t really beat that.

2. Din Tai Fung, Sydney, NSW

Home of the world’s tastiest dumpling, as described by chef Ken Hom, Din Tai Fung in Sydney is worth a visit for the perfect pork dumpling pastries alone. Din Tai Fung opened in 1972 in Taipei and has now exported its brand of Taiwanese food all over the world. One thing’s for sure, at number 2 in the top 100 places to eat in Australia, Din Tai Fung has found a home from home in Sydney.

1. Chin Chin, Melbourne, VIC

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At number 1 is Chin Chin, situated in the heart of Melbourne and focusing on South-East Asian cuisine, the executive chef Benjamin Cooper produces some extraordinary food that has secured top spot in Yelp’s top 100 list. With a walk-in only policy modelled on the hawker dining halls of Asia, you really are stepping into a complete South-East Asian experience when you visit Chin Chin.

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