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Improve Comfort On Your Feet With Safety Flooring

With a sharp rise in the volume of workplace trips and falls in recent years, there’s never been a better time to ensure against accidents. One of the simplest ways to reduce the chances is with the use of safety matting, which has several end benefits for you, your staff and customers.

According to Safe Work Australia, the main factors that contribute to serious accidents at work include slippery surfaces and poorly designed walkways. Tackle these problems head on, whilst reducing cleaning time and stress, with simple safety flooring solutions.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Unfortunately, trips and falls are still on the rise. The increase in these kinds of accidents are largely due to the lack of workplace safety. However, by using safety mats and providing the right footwear you can help keep your staff safe and prevent most of these accidents happening at your venue. 

Whilst safety shoes and flooring is the best method of prevention, clear signage displayed around your venue can also help to reinforce the message, especially when it comes to a wet floor. Slipping on a wet floor in particular is the source of many serious accidents. These can mean time off for staff, as well as potential costs. Signs can also help to remind staff of the risks and procedures in place at work. 

But what about comfort and stress?

Anti-fatigue mats

Rubber matting provides comfort and practicality for many areas including communal walkways and preparation areas. 

Behind bar areas, raised rubber matting keeps staff away from a potentially wet floor to save accidents.

These flooring solutions not only reduce  
and alleviate pain, but increase productivity too. Prolonged standing on hard surfaces can lead to long-term circulatory problems including varicose veins, pain and physical fatigue. 

Drinks service stations, pubs, bars and kitchen preparation areas are all prone to spills, whether its water or grease, so safety mats are necessary in these areas.

But there are several other benefits too. These mats promote good posture, prevent stiffness in joints, help maintain concentration levels and support muscles, meaning less physical stress for your staff.

Another hidden benefit of anti-fatigue mats, is that they can act as an insulator against cold floors. This is ideal for cold and wet conditions. They can also absorb vibrations from machinery, which could otherwise have detrimental effects on the body.

A 15% nitrile construction also provides extra grease resistance, making these mats ideal for use in any kitchen environment. On the bar itself, use glass mats and runners to protect against spills and keep your bar surface as dry as possible.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats alone can stop up to 95% of dirt, dust and moisture entering your building. The knock-on effect of this is that your carpets stay cleaner for longer, keeping your cleaning costs to a minimum whilst protecting your interior flooring too. 

Entrance mats also improve air quality, helping to keep your communal areas clean and fresh. Fresher air is good news for sufferers of asthma and those affected by allergens in the air. 

So, whether you are a café, hotel or restaurant there are several key benefits that entrance mats can provide to your customers. But where are they most effectively placed?

  • Your best chance of keeping dirt from entering your premises starts outside. Placing an entrance directly outside your entrance provides a first line of defense against all kinds of soil and dirt. Ensure this is clearly visible by all potential customers – encourage them to wipe their shoes and stop any contaminants, from the coarsest soil to the finest dust particles from entering your establishment.   
  • Next, inside your entrance is another ideal opportunity for entrance matting, this will absorb most of the remaining moisture and dirt that is brought in by your customers.
  • The final areas to focus on are the communal walkways; this can cover the reception and hallways, corridors, staircase exits etc. These sections are particularly sensitive to pollution and as such will benefit the most from entrance matting, as will your flooring. 

Safety Supplies

When an accident does occur, and a member of staff is injured it is crucial that you have at least basic first aid supplies to hand. As well as being able to provide plasters for cuts, burns treatment can help to reduce pain and long-term effects in these situations. These items can save infections and worsening of their injuries. Catering specific first aid kits are also a great purchase for any kitchen, these including gloves, bandages, eye dressings and cleansing wipes.

Keep your staff safe and you'll always benefit from increased productivity and satisfaction in the long run..

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