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Go Green For 2019

With every new year comes a new year’s resolution. New year’s resolutions are often a time for us to start thinking about making some positive changes to the way we live. But when it comes to losing weight, quitting smoking or giving up alcohol, these resolutions can prove extremely hard to stick to.

So for 2019, why not make a new year’s resolution that’s both easy to follow through with and can make a real difference to not just your life, but the rest of our planet?

That resolution? Going green!

Why Go Green?

Going green can have countless environmental advantages, from reducing the amount of plastics in our oceans to cutting the harmful carbon emissions let off into the atmosphere.

With the huge financial and social benefits that also come with being an environmentally friendly business, it makes perfect sense to go green in 2019.

How Do I Go Green?

With a huge range of eco-friendly products on offer, being a green catering business has never been easier or kinder to your wallet.

Reasonably priced and including everything from paper straws and compostable coffee cups to recycling bins and energy-efficient induction cooktops, our green catering supplies will help you start to make earth-friendly choices in your daily service without breaking the bank.

We understand that eco-friendly products can sometimes be a little difficult to get your head around. That’s why our eco-friendly glossary and guide on the benefits of compostable packaging are jam-packed full of useful information to help you along the way.

Including everything from the difference between biodegradable and compostable to all of the materials used to make our eco-friendly disposables, these green guides are the perfect starting point for any budding eco warrior.

Why not also take a look at our guide on how to be an eco-friendly catering business? Full of top tips on how to behave in a way that’s kinder to the earth, this guide has something for any business, no matter how big or small.

Now’s The Time To Act

With the future of our planet seemingly hanging in the balance, there’s never been a better time than now to start embracing change and secure a better tomorrow for the next generations.

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