New Products, New Brands - Even More Choice

With more than 350 new lines just added to our extensive range of catering supplies and equipment, Nisbets now has more choice than ever to help your business achieve perfection.

Featuring an exciting new brand launch and the very latest product ranges, we’re here to make sure you reach new standards of excellence in food preparation, service and storage by using the very best utensils and equipment.

Introducing Cambro

Our newest brand launch introduces the professional range of Cambro food service equipment.

Leading the way in design and innovation for more than half a century, the American company has been helping commercial caterers of all sizes reach new standards of excellence in food preparation, storage and service.

With more than 150 Cambro products now in stock, we are delighted to bring this collection to our Australian customers.

Included in the new launch is a huge range of Cambro food storage containers featuring gastronorm trays in all GN sizes, with lids and drain shelves also available to fit. These polypropylene and polycarbonate gastronorm pans are exceptionally strong, reliable and long-lasting. There is even a high heat polycarbonate option that can withstand temperatures of up to 190°C.

These can be used with our new Cambro food pan carriers, including the Cambro Ultra Camcart, which offer exceptional heat insulation to deliver impeccable food service standards.

Kitchen storage and transportation is also taken care of, thanks to the range of Cambro shelving units available in a wide variety of sizes. Whatever the shape of your kitchen, you’ll find the ideal self-assembly storage unit that can be custom-built to best fit your surroundings.

For carrying glasses safely and securely, the famous Cambro Camrack is now stocked in all sizes to suit glass heights of up to 298mm. The Cambro dish caddy is equally strong and robust for protecting your plates and bowls while on the move.

Your customers will also benefit too, with an extensive collection of Cambro service trays ideal for any cafe, canteen, food court or fast food restaurant. Much like their bar drinks trays, these food trays are remarkably robust and designed with anti-slip features to grip glasses or plates and reduce the risk of costly spillages.

Huge Choice

Our Cambro collection takes pride of place among more than 350 new products added to the Nisbets Australia catalogue.

For the professional chef, we’ve added an elite range of chef knives and knife sets from German brand Dick, as well as a huge selection of food preparation and serving utensils from Vogue.

New lines of Olympia tableware include stylish tea and coffee pots, cafetières, salt shakers, pepper mills and juicers, while your food presentation options have dramatically increased with the introduction of the elegant APS Float, APS Pure and APS Marone ranges of melamine buffet display bowls and trays.

We’ve also expanded our range of eco-friendly disposables from Fiesta Green to help caterers plan for a greener day-to-day operation.

Featuring plates, bowls, trays and cutlery made from highly renewable and biodegradable materials such as bamboo or palm leaves, these are far kinder to the environment than traditional disposables made from plastic.

To browse all the newest products now in stock at Nisbets, visit our New Arrivals section below.

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