How To Write On A Chalkboard - 10 Top Tips

A well-placed blackboard sign is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools out there for cafes, bars and restaurants. With no advertising costs, fast setup times and the freedom to change your message whenever you like, what's not to love?

An attractive and colourful chalkboard sign can really grab attention. A stylish footpath A-board promoting your special offers and events outside your venue has real potential to boost sales from passing trade, while a table or wall-mounted blackboard menu inside can really showcase your food and drink.

Make your message entertaining, quirky and unique, and it may even get photographed and shared on social media - opening up a whole new customer base.

We've come up with 10 top tips to ensure you create the perfect chalkboard sign. Following this advice and watching our How To Make a Chalkboard Sign video guide is a fantastic way to start preparing your next masterpiece.

  • Use high quality chalkboard markers 
    To create the best display, you need the best chalkboard pens. Cheaper markers are filled with thin and runny ink, and are prone to drying out or clogging up easily. Use a trusted premium brand such as Securit for bright and long-lasting displays.
  • Choose the right nib size
    You can buy liquid chalk pens with nib sizes of 2mm, 6mm or 15mm. Choose your size wisely, depending on the size of your blackboard. Large 15mm pens are great for big titles, headlines or borders, but a 6mm nib will be best for writing well-defined clear words. The smallest nibs are perfect for finishing touches or illustrations.
  • Prepare your pens properly
    Shake the pen vertically a few times, then press up and down on a sheet of paper until you see the chalk reach the end of the tip. Don't pump the nib too much - you'll soak the tip, which may leak or drip onto your chalkboard.
  • Plan your layout on paper 
    Prepare your board design and layout on a piece of paper first. This will help you get your spacing perfect.
  • Use a pencil to mark your spacing
    Lightly trace a template onto your chalkboard using a pencil and ruler. This ensures your design fits well before you begin working on it.
  • Choose the right colour balance
    Too many bright colours can be overpowering. For the best display, you need to find the correct balance. White chalk is the easiest colour to read, so try using this for your main message. Stronger colours can be used to enhance your display.
  • Don't go over wet chalk
    Resist the temptation to retrace your work before the chalk has dried. If your work appears in different shades, wait for it to dry before touching it up.
  • Wait for it to dry
    Allow at least 60 seconds for your liquid chalk to dry. Once it has dried, it will be easier for you to identify which areas require a touch-up.
  • Use both sides of an A-board
    Writing a chalkboard for the footpath outside your venue? Make sure you use both sides so you grab the attention of customers walking in both directions!
  • Clean your blackboard properly
    You don't want a dusty layer appearing on your chalkboard, so cleaning it properly is important. Use a special blackboard cleaner with a microfibre cloth to erase your work. Allow your blackboard plenty of time to dry before putting it away.
With these 10 tips in mind, check out our video guide for an easy-to-follow demonstration. You'll be creating amazing chalkboard signs in no time!

>> How To Make a Chalkboard Sign - Nisbets Video Guide <<

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