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How To Keep Buffet Food Fresh

APS Buffet Presentaion

Buffets offer something for everyone; chefs are able to prepare everything before hand, fewer members of waiting staff are needed to serve the food and the customers get to eat when they want. But what’s the easiest way to keep food at its best whilst on display?

Creating a stylish, practical buffet system is easy, and as most brands use standard gastronorm sizing, you can usually mix and match equipment. Whilst it may seem a near impossible task to keep your food at the right temperature for the duration of your buffet without the luxury of a power source, armed with cool plates, chafing fuel and a thermometer for safety, this need not be an issue.

CB793 + K409

A buffet system should allow you to make full use of your space without compromising on looks or making the space appear crowded. The APS cascade range offers a simple, practical design that features round corners so they can be picked up and replaced easily when pushed close to other objects. These products are also stackable, almost unbreakable and retain a sophisticated look due to the resemblance of the melamine to porcelain. Thinking about practicality can really pay off when choosing display crockery.

Buffet Range

How to present chilled buffet foods?

Displaying foods on a bed of ice is a good way of keeping them cool, although if the ice begins to defrost, you risk being left with an unappealing, wet product. A cool plate offers a solution to this by separating the product from a pre-frozen cool pack. Keeping chilled foods below 5°c is parmount and a roll top lid helps to keep the food dry, chilled and fresh for longer, making the perfect environment for soft cheeses or cured meats.

How to keep drinks chilled?

Although, again, ice may offer a way of chilling your drinks, its propensity to melt may result in your products losing their appeal due to dilution. Jugs with a frozen core avoid this completely; by simply freezing the frozen core before replacing it back in the jug, you can keep drinks below 10 °C for up to four hours with no dilution.

Frozen Core

How to make the most of the buffet table?

Taking advantage of height can save masses of space and can even add visual appeal. Breakfast buffets can benefit from tiered cereal bowls; supplied as a ladder, you can set your own heights of bowls and choose between single or double arms. Likewise, the cool plates are also available in double decker versions, saving even more space. Buffet risers add depth to what could be a flat display and allow for a very creative look that adds a real premium feel to your presentation.

Bread basket

Utilise these top tips to create the perfect setting for your buffet.

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