Maximise On Turnover and Profit With Takeout

Disposable cup

If you’re not already offering a takeout service, you are missing out on potential sales and profit.

Providing an option for take out to customers has to be one of the easiest, most lucrative services you can provide. If you are already making great coffee and delicious food, then why not take advantage of serving it to go?

Takeaway drink

In order to take advantage of the takeaway market, you will need a powerful, automatic top up machine that will help avoid any downtime during busy periods. A good coffee machine will not only extract a perfect espresso and whip your milk into a creamy micro foam, but will also produce enough hot water to brew tea at the same time. The Sanremo Capri is more than capable of producing enough hot drinks for your diners wanting to drink in and your new customers wanting to takeout. One of these machines will provide a great return on investment; within three months, by selling just 14 cups of coffee per day, this machine will have paid for itself. Offering your coffee to take out can bring this pay off time down to just a couple of weeks. All you need to get started serving your hot drinks to takeaway is disposable cups and carry trays, so setting up your take out service couldn't be easier.

Paper Cups

Takeaway food

Street food is all the rage - and for good reason. Quick and easy to acquire, this style of food provides a fast, good quality purchase for customers to grab on the go. However, since you already have a fully kitted out kitchen and a team of chefs, making the small step to serving your food to carry out opens your restaurant up to a wealth of new, time-strapped customers that just want to pick up and go. Turn your evening diners into working lunch regulars by offering a few of your tastiest dishes to take away.

Takeaway Containers

Spreading the word

Chalkboards are an easy, cost effective way of communicating current offers and ventures within your business. A brightly decorated pavement board, using liquid chalk markers, with a very brief message advertising the sale of restaurant food to go, is almost impossible to ignore and can provide massive marketing value. Whilst your existing customers are your best source of advertising and will often recommend you as the best place for food in town, an easy way to grab the attention of a passerby or potential new customer is to tempt them with a chalkboard in full view. What could be better than a board advertising homemade scones layered with clotted cream and organic berry jam to entice in some new customers? Remember, using your chalkboard to its full potential to advertise your tastiest dishes or specials of the day is far more powerful than a board used to advertise opening times.


By Matthew England

*Return on investment based on an average sales price of $3.50 per coffee and the current retail value of the machine at $4,518.

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