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How to Get a 5 Star Rating With Jantex

With more online independent review sites than ever, the pressure is on for businesses to step up their game and offer customers the best service to get that all important 5-star review. With restaurants and hotels heavily affected by reviews, both positive and negative, there are simple ways you can maintain top points with your customers.
Most review sites give customers the option to rate different aspects of a business, including price, location, service, cleanliness and more. These are things that customers take into consideration when choosing where to dine, stay or visit and can rapidly sway the opinion of a first time customer.

A recent report revealed that 88% of customers trust online reviews and use them when determining the quality of a business, with 39% of customers looking for online reviews on a regular basis.
Aside from the obvious benefits of positive reviews, from increased website traffic to fully booked restaurants, negative reviews can also be used to your advantage. Negative reviews open up doors for you to engage with disgruntled customers, giving readers the chance to see your apology, regaining their trust and neutralising the negative review.

One of the most crucial variables to get right is the cleanliness of your venue, especially for food service or hospitality businesses. Customers can become very unhappy when dining in an unclean restaurant or sleeping in dirty bedrooms, so ensuring you maintain a high level of hygiene is vitally important. Our new range of Jantex cleaning chemicals are designed for commercial use, including bleach, floor cleaner, kitchen sanitiser, washing up liquid, washroom cleaner and much more!

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By Oscar Black

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