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Keep Warm with Comfort Food and Trends This Winter

Summer may be your busiest season, with sun soaked tourists seeking authentic Australian food to satisfy their adventurous side before heading back home, but winter is the perfect time to reinvent your menu to warm the bellies and hearts of all your customers, old and new.

Eggs Bendy

Bring together classic eggs bendy with delicious sautéed mushrooms, topped with indulgent hollandaise sauce for a breakfast that’ll warm the heart and stomach of any customer. This dish is so versatile and adaptable you can cater for almost any guest, helping you to branch out through the colder months with a menu that just can’t be refused! Try swapping/ out bread for a Portobello mushroom with Eggs Benedict piled high, creating a smaller dish that suits perfectly to starters or as a breakfast dish.

Image credit: Vogue Cafe

Minestrone and Pumpkin Soup

A popular dish through autumn and winter, minestrone and pumpkin soup hits home with flavours that take you away to a cosy haven of warmth. Adding extras to the soup can really bring it to life and the possibilities are almost endless; bacon, kale, white beans and a whole heap of vegetables. Pumpkin is renowned for bringing a warm touch to drinks and food and can be found in just about every cafe and bakery through winter, making it the perfect companion for your soup. With the rise of Superfoods still surging around the globe, adding kale to your soup will help you tap into the hearts of the health conscious, making this dish a must-have on your menu as a starter or main.

Marvellous Milkshakes

As well as food that makes your customers feel warm, offering a warm dining area and delicious drinks (hot or cold) is another great way to ensure you’ve never got a quiet period. The Vogue Cafe in Sydney has blown the roof off the milkshake world with their incredible creations. From film inspired shakes to sweet overloads, their drinks are the stuff of dreams. Their use of unique presentation with bursts of colour and more flavours than you can shake a straw at has lead customers to travel hours just to try one, starting a trend that has reached far across the country.

Steak and Ale Pie

There are three things we Aussies love; sun, beer and barbecues, so when winter draws in there is only one solution to warm your stomachs to the same effect – steak and ale pie. Take the very best of summer, deliciously cooked meat and cold beers, and combine then into a succulent pie to help your customers beat the cold. Make sure to add plenty of black pepper and perfectly caramelised vegetables for a full and sweet flavour. And of course, a delicious Coopers original pale ale for the perfect finishing touch.

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Sweet-toothed chocolate fanatics up and down the country have been going nuts for cronuts, the latest craze is confectionary goodness. Half donut, half croissant and 100% delicious, cronuts are a great addition to your menu. Syringed full of chocolate, coated in chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate (or just about any other toppings and fillings you want), these stomach filling desserts go great with tea or coffee, or just on their own as a winter warming treat. You can literally add whatever you want to make these unique and enticing pastries, from peanut butter and popcorn to jam and ice cream, the possibilities for mouth-watering creations are endless!

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By Oscar Black

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