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Top 5 World Beers Your Bar Needs

Balancing your offering to suit a variety of customers is great for pulling in punters, but offering something a little more off-the-wall can give your bar a reputation amongst beer nerds. So where do you start when choosing what beers to serve?

Craft Ale has seen a monumental rise in popularity over the last 5 years, growing by over 10% a year and finding its way into bars and pubs in all corners of the country. The 5 beers listed below are all made with love, for taste and fit perfectly into any bar, helping you to jump on the Craft Ale craze

Fish Tale Ales – Beyond the Pale Ale

Opening with the big guns, this medium-bodied pale ale is Fish Tale’s tribute to those in the Pacific Northwest who think dressing for summer will bring spring early and holds the Winner of the ‘Best World Beer’ award in 2015 title. The 5.0% ABV pale ale boasts rich and complex flavours, brewed from a blend of four different types of grain that are beautifully balanced by five complementary hops. Bursting with flavour, this American pale ale fits perfectly into any bars offering, giving your customers a taste of the states.

Origin: USA. ABV: 5.0%. Flavour: Rich.

Brasserie Du Mont Blanc – La Blanche

Brewed with the powers of Mont Blanc (well, it’s fresh and pure water) this wheat beer from France champions the ‘World’s Best Wheat Beer’ award for 2015, along with 3 other awards including world best style winner, making it a must-have if you’re expanding your world beer offering. As well as waters from the glaciers of Mont Blanc, La Blanche is made with a combination of wheat malt and barley, a bouquet of spices, two different hops and Curacao orange, giving it an elegant and refreshing taste that accompanies fresh cheeses, raw fish and oysters perfectly.

Origin: France. ABV: 4.7%. Flavour: Light, Refreshing.

Rodenbach – Rosso

Craft beer isn’t all about hops and malt. The Rodenbach Rosso has a taste that refreshing the taste buds with sweet and sour fruits, perfect for beer gardens and barbecues. This sweet and fruity beer is great for customers who are new to the Craft Ale boom, giving them an ‘entry’ drink that will ignite their taste buds and welcome them with a burst of colour and flavour to the world of Craft. Keeping your beer menu wide and varied is essential to offering the best Craft Ale selection, and the Rosso brings a side to Craft beers like no other.

Origin: Belgium. ABV: 4.0%. Flavour: Fruity, Refreshing.

Tazawako Beer – Rauch

We’ve all tried smoke meats, smoked fish and even smoked cheese, but the Rauch craft ale from Tazawako Beer takes it to a whole new level. Devilishly delicious, and quoted to taste like ‘liquid bacon’, this Japanese beer does not disappoint. If your food menu consists of lots of smoked or barbecued meat, you’ll definitely want to add this to your menu, as it complements the food perfectly. At 7.5% ABV and packed full of flavour, Rauch is a triple award winner, winning Worlds Best Style, Best Asian Beer and Best Japanese Beer in the 2015 World Beer Awards.

Origin: Japan. ABV: 7.5%. Flavour: Smoked.

Harvey’s – Lewes Castle Brown Ale

If you’re looking for a brown ale to showcase at your bar, you’ve just found the best one. Harvey’s Lewes Castle Brown Ale is the Best Brown Ale of 2015, boasting a rich mahogany colour with an unrivalled taste. It perfectly encompasses the best of British with its grape and pine freshness smell, with a lingering liquorice taste and low carbonation, creating a craft ale that brings the English countryside to your bar.

Origin: United Kingdom. ABV: 4.8%. Flavour: Creamy, Coffee and Liquorice.

There is an almost endless choice when it comes to Craft Ales, with breweries from around the world creating one-offs, seasonal, year-round and exclusive beers that excite craft ale-ers all around the world. However, if you want to find a more local brew, you can visit the WBA’s list of Australian winners. Whatever you choose to serve, Craft Ale is a must for any bar, restaurant or pub and is an opportunity you just can’t ignore. And don’t forget, the best Craft and Real Ales need the best glassware!

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