The Top 5 Australian Craft Ales

Craft Ales

Offering a balanced and reliable alcoholic drink in your bar and restaurant is a sure way to ensure a customer leaves satisfied. However broadening your drinks range beyond the standard selection can bring you business an added reputation amongst beer and ale enthusiasts on top of expanding your clientele.

Craft ale in particular has done nothing but soar in popularity in recent years with many world reputable craft ales that you should consider stocking. Looking closer to home however brings us to some of the most iconic, tried and tested ales that have proven their malts amongst the tastebuds of Australians nationwide. Below, we’ve listed five of the finest nationally brewed craft ales that you should stock in your bar:

1. Feral Beer - Hop Hog

Feral Hop HogA prime contender for Australia’s greatest craft ale, this American-style pale ale, with its staple combination of citrus taste and solid malt backbone has won the hearts of thousands. Hop Hog won the People’s Choice Award 3 years running at the Great Australasian BeerSpecTAPular (GABS) as well as over 12 other awards in the past 7 years. This medium-strength brew owes its continued success to its unparalleled ability to deliver on each and every draught.

Brewed: Swan Valley, Perth. ABV: 5.8% Flavour: Citrus, balanced

2. Stone & Wood - Pacific Ale

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
We follow the country’s long-standing champion with its lead contender that took the gold at GABS in 2015. A true crowd pleaser, the cloudy golden appearance of this drink is reminiscent of summer ciders and is indicative of its crisp, refreshing finish. Combining the staple smell of citrus with a delicate pine scent gives this craft ale a pleasing all-round character, low ABVB in comparison to other pale ales, Pacific Ale will satisfy most evening drinkers.

Brewed: Byron Bay, East Coast ABV: 4.4% Flavour: Hoppy, crisp

3. Murray's - Wild Thing Imperial Stout

Murrays Wild Thing Imperial Stout
Veering from pale ales to stouts, Murray’s Wild Thing is a powerful brew that packs a heavy punch. This extremely potent beer carries a distinctive aroma of dark chocolate and rum. On the palette it generates intense mocha flavours backed by bitters hops with a roast grain bite, the term full-bodied does not do this drink justice. Nonetheless the truly unique nature of this ale has made it highly sought amongst beer nerds and a surprisingly well-suited side to menus with intensely flavoured foods like blue cheese and caramelised onions.

Brewed: Nelson Bay, East Coast ABV: 10% Flavour: Mocha, roast grain

4. Cooper's - Best Extra Stout

Cooper's Best Extra StoutA slightly more reserved alternative to the previous entry, Cooper Brewery’s Best Extra Stout exchanges intensely dark bitters for an initial taste of sweet chocolate. The bitters from the hops and malts then gently follow to provide a satisfying finish, resulting in a much more appealing experience that tempts punters for a second round or more. One particularly interesting fact that intrigues ale fans nationwide is this drink’s ability to change scents over time, with the original fragrance of chocolate, nut and tobacco gradually transforming to that of smoked wood and liquorice.

Brewed: Regency Park, Adelaide ABV: 6.3% Flavour: Sweet chocolate, hops

5. Little Creatures - Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale AleFinishing our list is an ale that has contended with our first two entries for top spot for years, Little Creatures’ Pale Ale sources the best American malts to generate a truly balanced palette. With these speciality malts counterbalancing the particularly sweet flavours of passionfruit, grapefruit and burnt toffee, it is easy to see why this brew quickly became a fan favourite since its initial release. Due to this distinguishing balance of bitter and sweet, it is commonly recommended beside seafood and fish dishes as well as being a great way to offset spice at an Asian restaurant or curryhouse.

Brewed: Fremantle, Perth ABV: 5.2% Flavour: Passionfruit, grapefruit & honey

These best-selling craft ales are a good starting point if deciding to expand your selection, with at least one guaranteed to satisfy customer tastes. Using these drinks as inspiration, your bar can grow to include any of the hundreds of Australian ales that are now available. The craft ale craze shows no sign of waning and the worst thing a business can do is not capitalise on it. Keep an eye out for further ideas on what could soon stock your drinks cabinet remember to serve your beers in style.

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