Are You Using The Right Cookware?

There are so many different types of pots and pans that it can be hard to know which style of pan to use for each style of cooking. Whether you’re searing meat, boiling potatoes or cooking vegetables, there are a variety of pans that are suitable for the task. So which pots and pans should you use?

Aluminium. Stainless steel. Copper. Material is a key factor when deciding which cooking vessel you need. Each material has its pros and cons, making them perfect for specific tasks or environments. The capacity or size of cooking pots and pans is also a major deciding factor. Too small and you’ll need to use multiple pans. Too big and you’ll waste energy heating them up.

Find out which pots and pans are best for you with our handy guide to buying cookware, helping you to effortlessly cook delicious meals in any kitchen.

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