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INFOGRAPHIC: How To Set Up A Mobile Catering Business

From gourmet burgers to ethnic cuisine, we’ve witnessed a street food boom in recent years. This new wave of on-the-go diners and food festival fanatics is opening up a potentially lucrative mobile catering market.

If you’re considering embarking on launching a new business or taking a different path to promote your already established café or restaurant, there are many very important decisions you need to make first. From deciding what food you will be offering, to ensuring you have enough space and the right equipment to cook up your menu, careful planning is paramount to making it a success.

Our guide to setting up a mobile catering business will give you plenty of advice and some insight from those in the know.

Once you’re happy with the serious stuff and have a firm plan in place, marketing your brand and making the most of this rewarding and profitable enterprise can be fun.

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