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What Not To Forget In Time For Christmas

As Christmas fast approaches, getting everything prepared is vital for those working in the hospitality industry. We take a look at what restaurants and bars cannot be without during this festive period.

Hot Food

If you are looking to go for a more traditional approach with your Christmas food such as turkey, ham, potatoes and vegetables, then it is essential to have equipment that is capable of keeping your food warm so your customers will have a fantastic meal.

To display your cooked meat, the Roband Hot Food Display is a great starting point. It will keep your food warm, ready for serving and is easy to keep clean at all times. Great for staff to use thanks to its roller doors, it can be opened and closed with little effort and speed – perfect for any busy period. However, it has to be noted that this food display is a large item and would suit businesses that are looking to purchase something for a long term investment.

For something much more portable, then Olympia’s Milan Chafing Dish set is suitable for any size business or even individuals who want such equipment in their homes. These sleek, polished food warmers are made from stainless steel and feature a full gastronorm chafer with a water pan, a 9 litre food pan and two fuel holders. A lid ensures the tops can be lifted on an off and at your desire and dependant on your needs.

Additionally, the Apuro Bain Marie with pans is a great heated food display for options with vegetables, potatoes and gravy. This effective and low maintenance unit is able to keep food warm for your customers, aiding your food in maintaining its flavours – something which is very important in assuring your customers are happy with their meals on the day.

Cold Food

As far as tradition goes, seafood is fast becoming Australia’s preferred way of dining on Christmas
day.  Keeping all seafood items at a correct chilled temperature is vital for not only the taste and quality but also for the safety and health of those who eat it. Polar’s Refrigerated Servery Topper allows your seafood selection to be displayed whilst it is accommodated in the perfect climate. The servery topper will keep your seafood cool when ambient temperatures are up to 43°C, even in these hot summer months. This great item is completed with a glass outer which allows you to display your buffet options whilst they are kept chilled. The heavy duty compressor is effective in keeping the internal temperature down no matter how warm it is outside – meaning your customers can have cold food regardless of the heat. With room to fit five 1/3 gastronomes, you will have room to display plenty of options - perfect for a buffet selection as your customers will be expecting many options.

For other cold food items, the Olympia Krisallon Crocks and Bowls range is great choice. Black or white, this melamine and plastic collection provides care-free catering and cleaning. A variety of sizes and depths are included so finding plenty to display your options in is easy. If you are looking for items that have the versatility of melamine but look more stylish, then the APS Apart range is your answer. With the look of porcelain, these modern and charming pieces include different sized bowls and trays. APS also supplies a standing Buffet Ladder Set which saves space and showcases different choices for your customers. A metal chrome finish ensures this stand looks stylish and the stacking design allows you to choose the order of the food items at your preference.

Olympia provide a variety of pots specifically to display mussels. At reasonable prices, buying a few from the range would not set you back a lot and would allow you to maximise profits from the amount that you could sell.


If you are looking to add something
special like cocktails to your menu, remember to have items such
as cocktails, shakers, utensils and straws ready for use. Customers will be very keen to spend extra money on drinks that they might not usually purchase so ensure you can provide such options for them. Additionally, stock up on all things bubbly – Christmas is a prime time for the sales of champagne and profit margins can be vast. Olympia’s Chime Champagne Flutes are stylish and sophisticated - a great partner for the fizz.

As well as champagne, ensure that you have all other wet product stock in check. It is better to over order than to run out of items which would leave your customers unhappy and stop them from spending more.


Advertising the festivities of your business is essential to the sales you receive.. The traditional methods such as word of mouth is always a great way to achieve solid custom through hearing approval from other people. Additionally, advertising inside your venue allows customers who have visited be given an insight on what you are providing. Menus set and prepared allow potential customers to negotiate prices and book in ahead, grabbing sales over your competitors. Make sure you are able to offer different price ranging packages to appeal to a variety of booking types.

The promotion on social media is a powerful tool in achieving extra sales and reaching out to customers you might not encounter via the traditional marketing methods mentioned. Utilising online potential is an equally important aspect for the festivities in your premises and will aid in racking up sales. See our guide to local online marketing which provides you with the ways you can optimise your business to make it as viable as it can be online.


Lastly, correct staffing levels are extremely important. For one, the right number of workers for your business ensures they will be able to provide customers with an enjoyable experience. Secondly, your staff will be able to provide their best service possible, staying happy, calm and on-form.

Our Delivery 

Nisbets offer next day working delivery Monday-Friday to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metro areas (conditions apply). Our last order deadline for Christmas is on 21st December, however other areas vary so please check http://www.nisbets.com.au/DeliveryAndReturns/Static.raction for more specific dates.

By Joanne Philpott

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