The World's 7 Most Searched For Recipes in 2016


Every year, there are trillions of searches online - people search for everything from the latest technology innovations to global sporting events. At the end of each year, Google publish their annual Google Year in Search report which breaks down the details of the most popular searches globally. Unsurprisingly, Pok√©mon Go and the US elections topped the charts in 2016, but what were the most searched-for food recipes?

Many items on this year's list are unquestionably American - reflecting the fact that the US is a dominant player in terms of global Google searches. However, there are a few insights pointing towards potential trends for the year to come.

Take a look at our great collection of recipes, perfect to try yourself.  

1. Green Bean Casserole

Originally created by the Campbell Soup Company in 1955, green bean casserole combines beans, cream of mushroom soup and fried onions. It's thought that the popularity of this search was due to the dish being an important part of the Thanksgiving dinner in the United States. Served in a traditional casserole dish.

2. Brussels Sprouts

Everyone's favourite leafy festive vegetable (perhaps!), demand for sprouts continues to be strong across the globe. Many people consider sprouts to be a superfood thanks to its high levels of Vitamin K and C. Popular recipes include sprout gratin, sprout bubble 'n' squeak and even ham & sprout pie!

3. Hashbrown Casserole

Another American Thanksgiving favourite, hashbrown casserole is a unique combination of grated potato, cream of chicken soup, onions, cheese and butter. It's simple to make comfort food, but in the US there are many regional varieties and people tend to experiment with ingredients such as bacon or crunchy corn flakes.

4. Guacamole

Mexican cuisine has experienced quite a boom over the past few years and it's now the fastest growing food category in Australia. Given its increasing popularity, it's hardly a surprise that recipes featuring avocado-based dips are among the top searched-for in the world. The Olympia Kiln range of crockery helps to perfectly frame Mexican food and the dipping pots are ideal for guacamole.

5. Chicken Marsala

A classic Italian American Dish, Chicken Marsala combines chicken breast cutlet, a Marsala wine reduction and other ingredients such as mushrooms or peppers to produce a delicious and hearty meal. The wine is unique to the Marsala region of Sicily and has "protected" status - meaning only wine produced in the region can genuinely be considered traditional Marsala wine.

6. Chicken Tetrazzini

Named after the famous Italian soprano Luisa Tetrazzini, Chicken Tetrazzini is unusual as there's no universal standard for the dish. Traditionally, the dish is made with diced chicken and mushroom in a butter or cream sauce served over spaghetti or linguine. As the dish is so versatile, almost all of the components can be substituted for other ingredients, meaning there's always an appetite for different recipes and textures.

7. Snow Cream

A summer sensation on the west coast of America, Snow Cream is a sweet dessert which can be made with either real snow, ice shavings or whipped cream shavings. It's lighter than traditional ice cream, smoother than shaved ice and creamier than sorbet. A new, particularly indulgent version is made from cream shavings - taking inspiration from Taiwanese and Korean shaved ice desserts. Expect to see many more menus including this favourite into 2017, especially during the hot summer months.

Perhaps the one thing that connects all these dishes together is their simplicity and versatility. People continue to experiment and add their own twists to long established favourites. For further inspiration, why not check out our other recipes on this blog.

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