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Is Rosé Ice Cream The Next Big Thing?

No, that's a rose shaped ice cream. We're talking about rosé ice cream. You know.

Overindulgent desserts are big. From hugely popular freakshakes to over-the-top waffles stacked high, customers don't just want something that tastes great - it's got to look great too.

What's a Freakshake? Read this for more information.

So where does rosé ice cream come in? After all, it's nothing new to add spirits and booze to ice cream. The difference now is that as desserts are becoming more indulgent, customers are demanding more unique flavours. Experiences and sensations that they can share with their friends - something new that no-one else has had. It's got to be something surprising or novel.

Especially so across Europe and the states, unusual ice cream combinations are being added to menus to provide the unique flavours that customers demand. Even savoury ice creams like bacon or even snail are popping up.

Rosé ice cream is one of the latest flavours to trend in America and the news is spreading fast. Originally developed by California-based Smitten Ice Cream, they teamed up with noted pastry chef Emily Luchetti to create a wonderfully unique infusion of Smitten's creamy ice cream base with Una Lou Rosé wine.

 Apuro Commercial Ice Cream Maker
To add to the novelty and appeal, Smitten rosé ice cream was originally devised to be available only for a limited time. However, other businesses in the area quickly caught on and developed their own take on the recipe, creating similar boozy desserts such as spiders made using ice cream floating in sparkling wine or a cool and creamy rosé sundaes. Rosé ice cream isn't going away any time soon.

It's a great opportunity. Using an Apuro Ice Cream Maker as well as ice cream scoops and dessert glassesyou can experiment with a huge variety of ingredients and textures to produce large quantities of fantastic ice cream or sorbets - even ones containing wine. It's really up to your own creativity to find the best ice creams for your menu, although just make sure to bring something different - and shareable - to the table.

By David Evans

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