Mango Ice Cream Recipe

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There's nothing quite like the unbeatable taste of a delicious ice cream in the summer sun.  Not only is it delightfully refreshing, great quality ice cream is really easy and fast to make and can be a hugely profitable addition to your menu. The options are limitless - here's how to get started...

Whilst its possible to create ice cream without a machine, the fastest and easiest way to produce large quantities is by using a commercial ice cream maker.  Profit margins on own recipe ice creams are generally higher than pre-mix, so depending on ingredients and extras used, you could expect around 55-65% margin on a high quality ice cream.

How To Use an Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream makers such as the the one from Apuro are really easy to use, just follow this simple step-by-step guide.

1. The Apuro Ice Cream maker has a built in freezer, so there's no need to pre-freeze the bowl first - simply place the 1.5 litre bowl into the maker and position the paddle into place.

2. Add your own recipe ice cream mixture and place the lid and paddle into position.

3. Set the temperature dial to the desired setting - the handy LED display allows precise control.

4. Add extra ingredients as per your recipe.

5. Over a short 30-45 minute period, the mixture will expand and become ice cream.  Ensure to not allow it to freeze completely, as this could cause unnecessary wear on the motor and makes it harder to serve.

6. Scoop into a storage container or Napoli pan for freezing or serve immediately for deliciously creamy results.

 Apuro Ice Cream Machine

Apuro Ice Cream Maker with built-in Freezer DM067-A - 1.5 Litre

Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Perfect for the summer months, this refreshing mango ice cream recipe combines vanilla and honey with fresh mango for the ultimate seasonal after dinner treat.


650g fresh mango, peeled and chopped
300g caster sugar
650ml double cream
½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of honey


1. Put the mango into a food processor or blender and blend until it's a soft, creamy pureé. 

2. Mix the pureé, cream, sugar, vanilla and honey in a mixing bowl and whisk until until the colour and consistency is uniform.

3. Pour the mix into the Apuro ice cream machine, place the paddle into position and switch on.

4. After around ten minutes, feel free to add your own twist on the recipe, such as popping candy or lemon zest for a real zing.

5. Allow around 40 minutes for freezing, but keep checking for the desired consistency.  The mixture will make around 1.5 litres of tasty mango ice cream.  By using a 2.5oz, size 16 scoop, you could expect approximately 24 scoops of ice cream per batch.

6. Empty into food storage containers for freezing or a gastronorm pan for attractive front of house ice cream display.

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By David Evans

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