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Beat the Winter Blues With New Replica Eames Chairs

As the seasons begin to change, it's likely that some restaurants and bars will start to freshen up their menus a little. With more winter produce starting to come through, the move from summery dishes is certainly upon us. However, bringing more customers through your doors needn't even be as hard as creating daring new dishes to refresh the look of your menu.

Neither does it have to mean refurbishing your entire premises from top to bottom. A clean new look, which causes minimal disruption to your day to day operation, is sometimes all it takes to entice new customers to step inside.

Which is where our stunning Replica Eames chairs come in. sold in packs of 2, and available in seven colours, which range from neutral tones to funky, vibrant shades, these chairs will give the look of your establishment a real shot in the arm.

The Replica Eames chairs are available in white, black, red, beige, coffee, green and ocean blue. Whether you choose all the same colour for a retro monochrome look, or whether you choose a funkier mix and match approach, our Replica Eames chairs are the ultimate in style and comfort.

Beneath the coloured, moulded seat, are four spindle legs made from solid beech for a light, versatile appeal, and these are held firmly in place by strong metal supports, ensuring that the chairs are every bit as durable as they are stylish.

We also stock a wide selection of tables and stools which will help bring out the best in your stylish new Eames Chairs, and keep your customers coming back for more.

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