Pizza by the Slice

pepperoni cheesy pizzaAlthough it might not seem commonplace, picking up pizza by the slice is steadily growing in popularity. Already usual practice amongst Americans and Italians, we Australians used to prefer going all out when it came to treating ourselves to our favourite cheesy delight. But it seems that many of the benefits of pizza-by-slice, such as the ability to enjoy different pizzas with different toppings, have made us rethink our attitude to the newest addition to food on the go.

 Not only are customers more likely to make a purchase when sitting on the fence between hunger and happiness, but the economic benefits that catering businesses encounter which in turn benefit the customer, has led many catering businesses to rethink the way in which they sell their customer’s favourites.

mozzarella tomato mushroom pizza
 With this in mind, perhaps it is time to stock up on some of the essentials. These include one of our must-haves - the Vogue Pizza Cutter. Made from highly durable, easy to clean stainless steel, this rigid blade allows you to cut pizza in one single, effortless motion.

rustic cheese pizza
Another item that is sure to keep your pizzas fresh and tasty time and time again is our Pizza Oven Brush. An important investment for the life-span of your pizza oven and the consistently tasty pizzas your customers grow to love, this pizza brush is also great value for money.

 And last but not least, what pizzeria is complete without the Polar 3 Door Salad and Pizza Prep Counter? This stainless steel refrigerated salad and pizza counter with Gastronorm storage space and user-friendly controls is the must-have when it comes to pizza preparation. Laying on a variety of toppings onto a variety of different pizzas is guaranteed to go smoothly thanks to its innovative storage and display options, ensuring you are fully prepared for the wave of peckish customers looking for pizza by the slice.

By Tamara Cmiljic

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