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What’s on the Professional Chef’s Christmas Wishlist?

Christmas is a time for giving, but it’s also a time for crossing your fingers and hoping to receive something that will be both luxurious and useful. Our list of commercial kitchen Christmas goodies include things that you won’t find in your average kitchen, but that make Chefs life easier and food that your customers will love! 
Global knives

Present-buyers, here’s some ideas for items any chef would love to receive.

Global knives 
These are ultra-sharp, carefully designed, extremely stylish knives made in Japan using high carbon stainless steel, and techniques inherited from samurai sword makers! Global knives rarely have to be sharpened due to the cleverness of the design, and their handles are weighted with sand. Expensive? Absolutely. But also the most beautiful kitchen knives you’re ever likely to run across.
Espresso Machines
Sanremo Verona - Espresso machines 
Something like this can give a restaurant instant class. The Sanremo Verona coffee machine has a built-in volumetric pump, separate boilers for each station, temperature stability control - and it looks lovely as well. It’s available in four different colours – metallic black, ivory, red and metallic blue. Get one that matches the décor of your restaurant or room!

Blast Chillers
Blast chillers 
A must for any kitchen that deals in large quantities of frozen food, the Polar Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer can freeze 12 kg of food in 90 minutes, preserving the taste, quality and appearance. It has a stainless steel finish, and wheels so it can be easily moved around the workspace.

Pasta Machines

Pasta machines 
Imperia is a traditional, well-established Italian company who use Italian parts to make their machines, so you know you’re in good hands. The Imperia Manual Pasta Machine can create pasta in 10 thickness settings, quickly and easily, with cutters sold separately. Ideal for making lasagne!
Vacuum Pack Machine

Vacuum Pack machines
These are machines designed to keep food fresher for longer by removing the oxygen from their packaging.
Naturally, they’re incredibly useful when it comes to storing and processing food, and the Sammic Vacuum Pack Machine is one of the best – it has LEDs to indicate each cycle stage, a stop key to instantly stop the process, a digital keyboard and an electronic timer.

Apuro Ice Cream Maker Ice-cream makers 
A good ice-cream maker is a wonderful addition to both restaurant and family kitchens – who doesn’t like the idea of making their own ice-cream? One of the best on the market is the Apuro ice-cream maker, which quickly (it can do 1.5 litres in 20 minutes) churns your ice-cream for you without requiring pre-freezing. Quick, easy, elegant, and tasty.

Veg Prep Machine

Veg prep machines 
The Buffalo veg prep machine gives a chef free reign to quickly create delicious vegetable dishes – the
machine will continuously slice, dice, grate and chip your vegetables for you. Its blades are easy to change, and it has a safety cut-off switch activated when the cover is opened. This is a lovely item for any kitchen, as it will make a chef’s job just that bit faster and easier – and make the kitchen look that bit more stylish, too.

These are just some of the items available on Nisbets this Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for a professional chef or a hobbyist, this is an excellent place to begin.

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