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What kind of equipment is needed for a beach café

 There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice meal or beverage at a beach café, appreciating the beautiful views and listening to the gentle sound of waves lapping on the shore. If you’re about to set up your own beach café and need some help sorting out just what equipment to buy before opening to the public, read on. Here’s a brief guide on just what kind of equipment you’ll need

Appropriate bar equipment
It’s important that your outdoor bar equipment is able to withstand the environment. Stainless steel serving carts that include a fridge, storage shelves, bottle opener and small freezer are perfect for outdoor beach cafes. They are weather proof, durable and completely portable – thanks to locking casters. Also consider including an outdoor beer dispenser to your bar setup and give your customers the chance to enjoy a nice draught beer whilst out in the sun. Last but not least, invest in some sturdy and break resistant Acrylic Stemware. This material looks exactly like beautiful and reflective glass, but isn’t so fragile.

Suitable outdoor furniture
Furnishing your outdoor beach café with the right kinds of materials is absolutely key. Make sure you choose heavy duty furniture that is both resistant to the elements and comfortable. For tables and chairs, this generally means choosing furniture that is made from either hard wood or aluminium/galvanized steel – depending on the overall aesthetic style you’re after. Aluminium or galvanized steel is not only corrosion resistant and hence suitable for outdoor environments, but it can also lend a modern and sleek look to your café. For a more rustic, natural look, teak tables and chairs are another great choice. Teak contains lots of natural oils that protect the wood against rot during periods of high humidity and extreme weather. When it comes to choosing which cushions to purchase, go for ones that are 100 per cent polyester and weather, mildew and UV resistant. Not only are they comfortable and easy to maintain, but they are also quick drying. Also, don’t forget to purchase some high quality sun umbrellas and parasols to provide your patrons with shade and protection from the burning sun.

Weather resistant outdoor audio/lighting equipment
Ensure that you choose speakers that are able to withstand harsh weather – including extreme temperatures, salt, high humidity and strong winds. Speakers that are designed solely for indoor use won’t last in unforgiving outdoor environments. So choose carefully. The same goes for your lighting equipment.

Heating and cooling equipment
Invest in a quality cooling system to keep your customers cool and comfortable on those scorching hot summer days. If your customers are unable to get relief from the heat, they may just go elsewhere. Mist systems are particularly effective at cooling outdoor areas and are quite affordable – especially when compared to operating an air-conditioning system. They are relatively cheap to install and maintain, and can help reduce the mercury by as much as 20 degrees. Once winter rolls around, make sure your guests can escape the chill whilst still enjoying those beautiful beach views. Portable outdoor gas heaters can be rolled out during the colder months and put back into storage once summer comes back around.

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