Bring Your Customers Back with Simple Hangover Cures

bring customers in on new years day

The last day and night of 2014 has passed with fireworks and laughter and for many, 2015 has started with a hangover, for which there are some weird and wonderful remedies from around the world, such as cows stomach soup and sticking pins in the cork of the bottle you drank from...but we prefer simpler solutions that are sure to get your customers back on their feet in no time.

Most of us have a cup of tea or coffee during the day to get us energized and ready, so it’s no surprise that people adopt this ritual for a simple, and easy-to-make hangover cure. The Athena Mugs are made from porcelain, with a comfortable handle, ideal for serving coffees and teas to help set wobbly heads straight.

The bacon Sanger is an obvious choice to go with a morning coffee or tea, not only for its glorious taste but also for the headache vanquishing science behind its hangover conquering qualities. Bread is high in carbs and bacon is high in protein, which help break down into amino acids that top up neurotransmitters, helping to make zombiefied customers feel life again. Our range of kitchen appliances has everything you need to cook up the perfect hangover breakfast, from the simple toaster, helping you cater for those who can only stomach a light breakfast, to griddles and grills from Apuro for the hangover veterans’ fry-up. Don’t forget to add the perfect finishing touch to any hangover breakfast with sauces.

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Whilst drinking alcohol, your body stops producing a key hormone that controls the water levels in your body, meaning you can quickly become dehydrated, so the most effective remedy for sore heads is water. Rehydrating allows the body to recover faster, allowing for the swift departure of mind-splitting headaches. Help your customers recover to their fullest with our range of jugs and Olympia Orleans glasses, perfect for serving water and fresh juice drinks. The Olympia glasses feature a strong and glass washer safe construction, large capacity and attractive design, ideal for café’s and bars that are there to help the nation recover on New Year’s Day.

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By Nick Stein

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