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How To Prepare for Australia Day 2015

From the beautiful Skyworks display in Perth to the much anticipated boat races in Sydney harbour, Australia Day 2015 is set to be the biggest yet with masses of events and celebrations kicking off across the country. Come the 26th January, the streets will be swarming with people partying and celebrating, providing you with the perfect opportunity to send your revenue through the roof.

Having the right stock levels and equipment for big events is vital for any caterer, over order and you will waste money on leftovers, but underestimate stock and you will be missing out on potential income. Every last detail must be taken into consideration from what products will be in high demand, to what equipment is essential for portion control. Being one of the biggest events of the year, you are sure to be rushed off your feet, here at Nisbets we can provide you with everything you will need to make the day run efficiently at the lowest cost possible.

What Will Be In Demand? 
Nothing beats the taste of freshly made flavoursome ice-cream on hot day, and with the temperatures set to be averaging at 25°C our Buffalo Ice Cream Maker will make the perfect addition to your appliance range.

The downside to many ice cream makers is the fact the bowl is fixed in the machine making it difficult and time consuming to remove your ice cream, clean the bowl and start making the next batch. The Buffalo Ice Cream Maker solves this problem as it features a removable non-stick bowl, allowing you to place in the next batch as soon as the first is ready to come out. With a competition time of a mere 45 minutes, you will be able to create as many interesting and inventive flavours as you like, enticing customers in from the hot sun for a tasty refreshment.

Presentation is just as important as taste, if you are providing an eating-in service you will need something attractive to serve your ice cream in. Choose from stainless steel sundae dishes and glass sorbet dishes from Kristallon, both of which will provide you with a quick, fuss free way to dish up.

Portion Control 
Any chef will know portion control is a fundamental step for a number of reasons. Not only does it ensure your presentation is uniform for each plate, but it also determines stock levels which of course impacts profit margins. By using a simple utensil such as a stainless steel portioner, you can ensure each customer receives an equal meal and accurately predict what quantity of each ingredient will be required to run a successful food service.

Our portioners from Vogue are available in four sizes to suit a number of dishes on your menu. They particularly work well with ice cream, rice and mashed potato and each features a spring loaded handle for quick and easy release.

Ensure your business is ready for the Australia Day rush and make the most of this profit enhancing opportunity.

By Eva Parks

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