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New Rustic Glazed Crockery - Introducing Olympia Kiln

 Entire Kiln Range

Olympia have created a collection of crockery that is full of rustic charm and will add a touch of warmth to your food presentation. Creating a casual, comfortable and informal dining room is an art form in itself, and whilst you’ve probably got a restaurant that ticks all of those boxes, the crockery you use can make all the difference.

 Entire Kiln Range

After your chef has lovingly hand prepared the food to be served in your restaurant, the plate used can change the entire look and feel of the dish. By using a reactive glaze, the exact colour and finish of the crockery is decided by the chance reactions that occur within the kiln and, in turn, Olympia decided to name the collection after the equipment that gives it its character.

 Entire Kiln Range

Keeping in tune with your handmade food, Olympia’s artisans apply each glaze and then, using a brush, hand paint the rim with a colour the contrasts to the main glaze used. The end result is a piece of crockery with a truly unique finish that will go hand in hand with any homemade dish.

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