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Thor - Brand of the Month

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As the food year marches merrily onwards into April, we at Nisbets would like to focus on catering manufacturer Thor and their ever growing cast of gas appliances within our range. Now celebrating their fifteen year anniversary, professional manufacturers Thor are specialists at developing heavy duty gas powered fryers, griddles, char grills and ovens.

Thor, LPG Deep FryerAmongst their 36 products currently supplied by us here at Nisbets, the 20 litre deep fryer is one of the most popular. This free standing unit connects directly to a gas tank, making it particularly ideal for mobile catering where access to a mains connection is limited. With the capacity to hold two fryer baskets during one sitting, you have the option to either double the amount of product fried or cook a combo such as fish and chips to cut down on customer waiting time. Combine this with the heavy duty performance of the unit and you have a robust catering appliance that can produce large quantities of food with minimal maintenance. Its castors also give the added benefit of easy cleaning when needed, plus the inclusion of a commercial grade drain valve for the oil cuts down on waiting time when you would otherwise have to wait for the oil to cool.

Thor, Char Grill, Natural GasFor a meat-heavy caterer, Thor continues to uphold a reputation for heavy duty performance through their three burner natural gas char grill. Utilising three independent cooking zones that allow you to sear a variety of red and white meats, this catering appliance would be well suited for steak houses and grills where each dish may be cooked to a different customer’s preference.  With adjustable feet and a stand supplied as standard, this char grill makes the most of whatever kitchen space you have left whether its counter space or just a spot against the wall. Complete with removable waste tray and an easy to clean cast iron surface, the simple but effective design of this char grill makes it a great addition for any commercial kitchen.

The third and largest item we will mention is Thor’s six burner LPG oven. Robustly constructed in stainless steel with spill trays for excess fat and a heightened splash back cover to protect your kitchen wall, this unit is equipped to handle the high intensity use expected of such a heavy duty machine. With six gas burners as well as a generous gastronorm compatible interior to match demand, the unit can be made more versatile with the addition of a griddle pan. When you need to prepare separately cooked steaks in a few short minutes for several customers, or need to supply three types of soup at once, this machine has the capacity and durability to provide that service without skimping out on quality.

Each and every one of these commercial gas units have been designed to complement each other, as shown by this new video from Thor. Not only does using several appliances of the same brand allow for consistent usability throughout your kitchen, it also ensures new staff can quickly learn how to operate all of your kitchen machines. With a uniform set of kitchen appliances there is also a reduced risk of accidents due to the matching depth of each unit, preventing members of staff from snagging their clothes or otherwise knocking against kitchen equipment.

The number of units can grow with either the size of your kitchen or your menu, and each appliance can stand on its own merits just as they can expand to complement one another and combine to create newer and quicker methods of preparing food. Check out our collection of Thor products to support the cooking needs of your kitchen.

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