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6 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories for 2016

The New Year brings with it new opportunities for you and your business, giving you the chance to reinvent yourself by offering new and exciting dishes with the latest kitchen gadgets or giving your staff a fresh look with top-of-the-line clothing. We’ve put together a list of our favourite gadgets and products that could help make a difference for you in 2016.

Copper Tri-wall Cookware

2015 saw the spectacular rise in popularity of copper, with bars investing in copper cocktail shakers and mugs to give their beverage service a sophisticated and vintage style. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, there has been a rise of chefs adding a unique flare to their cookware with stylish copper pots and pans. Vogue have taken the luxurious design aspect of copper and combined it with Tri-wall technology, creating a range of copper tri-wall cookware that will revolutionize your kitchen, giving you the perfect tools to cook new and old dishes faster and more efficiently. Tri-wall cookware uses 3 layers of metal that conduct heat quickly and distribute it evenly throughout the pan, cooking food at the same time for perfect results, every time. Visit our blog on Restaurant and Cafe Trends for more on copper products.

Add colour with Aprons

Considering revamping your staff’s appearance? Our new range of colourful aprons from Le Chef are perfect for injecting vibrancy and life into your food and drinks service, putting smiles on your customers' faces whilst giving your venue a fresh new look. As well as looking great, the aprons are made from the finest materials to ensure you stay protected from spills and splashes, keeping your uniforms pristine and presentable.

Margarita Madness

Creating sensational margaritas is effortless with the Waring Margarita Madness Cocktail Blender, enabling you to crush ice and create 3 mouth-watering drinks in just 8 seconds! If you’re looking to entice new customers by expanding your cocktail menu or offering cocktail making classes this year, this truly is the ideal blender for you and your bar.
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Apuro Rice Cooker

Asian cuisine is massive in Australia, with diners looking to taste the very best of what the Asian food market has to offer. Spending on Asian foods is set to rise again this year, with increased tourism from China and other neighbouring nations, so being prepared will help you achieve success in 2016. The Apuro Rice Cooker has a whopping 27 litre capacity that gives you the perfect tool to meet the high demand.

Kilner Jars

Serving food and drinks in weird and wonderful ways has had a massive impact on the catering industry in the last year, with meals being served in mini watering cans, dustbins and more odd ways. If you’re looking to spice up your food and beverage service but aren’t quite ready to push the boat out that far, Kilner Jars are the perfect addition to your kitchen. Ideal for storing and preserving a massive variety of food stuffs in the kitchen, the jars can also be used to serve desserts, snacks and drinks in, giving your customers a more exciting and unique dining experience.

Blue Roll

No kitchen is complete without the presence of blue roll! Keeping your dining, bar and kitchen areas clean and hygienic will see customers returning time after time, and blue roll is the perfect tool for the job! At less than $3 a roll, the Jantex Blue Roll is versatile, efficient and extremely effective!

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By Oscar Black

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