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Introducing Nisbets' New Range of Retro-Styled Milkshake Blenders

Everyone loves a milkshake. Whether you're 8 or 80, there's something about slurping that thick, sweet goodness up through the straw that has universal appeal. But, while there's no doubting the popularity of the milkshake, lots of places have shied away from adding them to the menu. Exhausting to make, and impossible to get right, milkshakes were a frustrating chore, and more often than not, ended up getting poured away instead of served.

Artemis Automatic Milkshake Mixer Nisbets

Which is where the Artemis Automatic Milkshake Mixers come in. Available in blackred and silver, these milkshake mixers are among the very finest available. Not only do these milkshake mixing machines have a stunning retro design, but they also produce perfect milkshakes time after time, thanks to the powerful two-speed motor. Capable of making milkshakes of any consistency from extra-smooth to ultra-thick, the motor gives you complete control in the outcome of your shake.

Artemis Automatic Milkshake Mixer Nisbets

Another benefit of the Artemis Mixers is that they offer hands-free operation. Simply slot the 900ml stainless steel cup (provided with the mixer) into the clips and switch the motor on. Alternatively, you can use a different cup, thanks to the adjustable clips. As shown in the video below, the clips can easily be adjusted to accommodate any cup with a height of between 11 and 18cm, which not only saves on time, but also greatly reduces the amount of effort involved in making your shake.


As well as making milkshakes, the Artemis Automatic Mixers can also be used for beating eggs for an omelette, as well as making smoothies, frapp├ęs, cocktails and plenty of other drinks besides. The beauty of the Artemis mixer is that it allows you to create just about any drink you can think of. Take a look at this recipe for a delicious mochaccino, for example:

  • Make one portion of espresso coffee
  • Put 2 ice cubes into the stainless steel cup
  • Half fill the shaker with milk
  • Add 1 spoon of chocolate and the portion of espresso coffee
  • Mix them with the Artemis mixer for 4 or 5 seconds, and pour into a tall glass
  • Put 2-3 ice cubes into a clean stainless steel cup and half fill it with milk
  • Mix with the Artemis mixer for about 20 seconds, and add to the top of the glass
  • Add sprinkles or a cherry (or both!) for the perfect finishing touch

We'd love to hear your suggestions for drinks that can be made with the mixer. Feel free to leave us a comment in the box below with any drinks ideas you have!

By Henry Franklin

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