Your Guide to the Latest Catering Products for 2016

With 2016 set to be a great year for growth for the catering industry, we at Nisbets have decided to bring you the latest and greatest in tableware and clothing that will keep you ahead of the trends, as well as some products to help to improve speed and efficiency when creating your dishes.

Dedicated to bringing you fresh and exciting new lines, we have covered all areas of hospitality with premium executive chef jackets from Le Chef, food display items from Olympia, food storage from Kilner and Klip-It, and cleaning products from Jantex.

Olympia Kiln – A rustic canvas for your home-made Food

This brand new collection from Olympia employs materials and techniques that are reserved for use when creating crockery that needs to have its own individual look and feel. Set to be a massive trend in 2016, the homey and welcoming feel provided by Kiln will allow your customers to wind down and relax while enjoying their delicious food.

Olympia Enamel – Bringing character and charm to the table

Enamelware is making a massive comeback, and this collection from Olympia offers the friendly and fun appearance associated with old American diners. With a core of stainless steel, a coating of white enamel and a familiar blue line around the rim, the crockery is perfect for presenting any homemade food. Although the coating is chemical and heat resistant, with a little force, you can chip the enamel and create an edge that exposes the stainless steel in places to create an appearance unique to your enamelware.

Apuro Rotary Toaster – A constant supply of perfect toast

With the capability of supplying you with up to 360 slices of toast browned to your liking an hour, the double slice rotary toaster from Apuro can ensure that no matter how busy your breakfast service gets this year, your toast doesn’t slow things down. If you don’t brown the toast back-of-house, you can attach the panel that covers the controls, allowing your customers to use the toaster front-of-house in a self-service capacity without the ability to turn it up too high and burn toast in the dining room.

Apuro Planetary Mixer – Mix anything from a single egg white to large amounts of dough

Lots of customers will equal lots of prep, so a mixer that can handle both the very, very small jobs as well as the larger, more heavy-duty work will prove invaluable. The 7 Litre planetary mixer from Apuro can whisk as little as a single egg white to make a small meringue or mix as much as a 1.5 kg batch of dough. And, as it comes supplied with a whisk, a beater and a dough hook, this powerful mixer can handle a massive variety of mixing tasks.

Kilner Jars – Keeping it fresh

Fermented foods are set to take centre stage this year, and for good reason, too. Foodies and nutritionists alike have been exploring this world of flavours, and chefs are starting to create their own versions. Kimchi will be piled on everything from artisanal sandwiches to savoury pancakes. The healthy bacterium produced during fermentation breaks down carbohydrates and sugars, resulting in a pickle that tastes good and is good for you. Kilner jars provide a vessel that is perfect for serving fermented food; they can easily be sterilised before storing and the airtight seal will ensure that your fermented veg stays perfect.

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Copper Tri-Wall Pans From Vogue – Stunning in appearance and practical in use

Recently named the best pan brand by the Craft Guild of Chefs' Vogue has got to be the pan of choice in your kitchen. The combination of a beautifully polished copper outer with a brushed steel inner gives you the best of both worlds as the steel will not taint the flavour of your food and the copper provides a stylish appearance that is perfect for open kitchens. Sandwiched between the two layers is a sheet of Aluminium that helps to provide even heat distribution and allows the pan to be induction compatible.

Fiesta – Colourful disposables

The latest addition to our collection of disposables comes from Fiesta, who specialise in the design and production of top quality consumable products with a colourful twist. Their products are available in small and large packs, so they are perfect for use whether you have a restaurant that occasionally offers coffee to take away or a takeaway van that is non-stop all day.

Waring – Effortless blending

To help you blend and prep faster, we’ve handpicked some of the best machines from Waring’s commercial collection. Their food processor comes loaded with features that can tackle most prep jobs and is almost like having another commis chef in the kitchen; it can slice, shred, grate, whip, chop, blend and is so efficient at its job, it can slice 396kg of cucumber an hour. For the bar, we have the Margarita madness blender that can crush ice and make a perfect 450ml Margarita in just 8 seconds. We also have waffle makers that make beautiful, consistent waffles, stick blenders that can whip up deliciously smooth soups in no time, countertop ice crushers that crush 30kg of ice an hour and a spice grinder that can make delicious rubs from whole spices.

All in all, 2016 is set to be an exciting year for the catering industry, so why not take a look at the 500 products we’ve brought in to see if any can help you on your culinary adventure or even save you some time and money?

By Matt England

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