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Nisbets Welcomes Three New Brands

This month we have added three new brands to our website with great products for you to explore. AustHeat, Bonn and Dipo are leading brands in the catering equipment sector and their new products include cooking machines and food prep equipment. We’re also launching new products from brands Birko, Hobart and NOAW which include warewashers, beverage machines and further cooking equipment. Read on for a more in-depth look at some of these products or browse our full range of new commercial catering machines


Austheat Hotplate GrillAs part of the Roband group, Austheat are specialists in the production of commercial freestanding fryers. All Austheat fryers are fitted with two baskets to allow you to cook two separate foods such as fish and chips together or alternatively to double your output. These cooking machines can be as large as a Triple Basket Fryer for demanding businesses, with all units fitted with an ‘idle’ setting that reduces power during quiet periods to save on energy costs. One particularly versatile item is the Austheat Freestanding HotplateGrill, perfect for fast-frying breakfast foods and meats whilst also capable of grilling and toasting. Whilst great as a standalone cooking appliance, it can also be used alongside an Austheat fryer for convenience and flexibility.


Bonn 1.9kW Microwave Oven

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Australian manufacturer Bonn is highly regarded for their wide range of commercial microwave ovens. Ranging from a Light Duty Microwave for small businesses to a Heavy Duty 1.9kW model, there is a unit from Bonn to fit your establishment’s size and level of demand. Thanks to cutting-edge magnetron technology, these microwaves operate at a lower temperature to extend their lifespan whilst still delivering the same quality and speed expected in a commercial environment.


Dipo Induction Cooker

Founded in Korea, Dipo specialise in the production of portable and energy-saving induction cookers. With seven simmer and ten cooking settings, Dipo’s induction cookers give you precise control throughout the cooking process. This precision is complemented by the inclusion of an auto shut-off function and pan sensing technology that both prevent overcooking and save on energy costs. You can also choose an induction cooker with a temperature probe. This probe can be used to set and maintain the exact temperature you wish to cook at, providing incredibly precise control.

Other Releases

NOAW Flywheel Meat Slicer

Of our other new releases, one particular vintage product is the NOAW Heritage Flywheel Slicer, a manual meat slicer with an artisan look and very distinct appeal. Due to the vintage appearance of this machine, it is best used where it can serve equally as an eye-catching centrepiece as well as a professional slicer. NOAW have also released other professional meat slicers, both automatic and manual.

Another highlight is Roband’s Donut Fryer, a quick and easy-to-use appliance that creates warm high-margin doughnuts within minutes, a perfect treat for customers in these cooler months. Other items include a Hobart ProfiPass Through Dishwasher, as well as a smaller Under Counter Dishwasher and Glasswasher. Birko introduce their range of Tempo water boilers alongside two new sous vides and a varied selection of cooking machines.

For a full list of all the latest machines and their features, take a look at our new products list.

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